Baetje Farms

Baetje Farms LLC in Bloomsdale, MO is a French-inspired artisan goat cheese dairy and creamery that produces award-winning cheeses all year round, and have been featured in the New York Times and Culture Magazine.

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The Berry Nutty Farm

The Berry Nutty Farm is a perfect  mixture of both Andrea and Darrell's passions in life. Darrell brings the art of business and marketing, along with his love for horticulture. Andrea has a zeal for cooking and design, and also has an extensive knowledge of horticulture. The Berry Nutty Farm took  recipes from both Andrea’s  Grandmothers and one from Darrell’s Grandmother to begin the  adventures of making delicious jars of jam and fruit butters.  


Bert Lemen Jewelry

Burt Lemen, an artist craftsman who has been creating silver plate spoon jewelry for over forty years, has his work is on display and for sale in Oregon, Washington, Illinois, the Weems Gallery in New Mexico, and right here at Robin’s Nest. Burt enjoys giving spoons a “second life” to be worn as pieces of art.


Craig Family Naturals

Farm to Table meat delivered right to you! Our goal at Craig Family Naturals is to provide you with Clean, Healthy, Local meat.

It shouldn't be hard to find "Real" meat to feed to your family, but unfortunately in our times it has never been harder.
With millions of dollars spent on fancy labeling, and packaging and very little into the actual product it leaves us frustrated, confused, and exhausted!
You spend extra money thinking you’re getting something extra pure and healthy, to only find out it was just a marketing scam. We understand and have been there ourselves.

We have dedicated our lives to raising our animals the way nature intended!
All of our meat is Pasture Raised, Hormone FREE, GMO-FREE, never given any Antibiotics! No secretes, No Non-sense, just Clean, Healthy meat packed with Vitamins, Healthy Fats and lots of Omega 3.


Designs by Dana Hatcher-Bauman

I first became interested in drawing at eight years of age when I saw a Garfield comic strip in the Sunday newspaper. I wanted to draw people into characters after that. I found it fascinating how the artist had the ability to emphasize certain facial features. I doodled through my teenage years and at most my created my high school senior class shirts. It was not until my late 20s that I picked back up the coloring pens and started to draw. It was then, and still is today, a form of therapy that has seen me through some typical times in my life.

I am consumed with geometric shapes, and how placed together, can create unique expressions of art. My ability to take layer by layer and turn multiple shapes into Mandalas is my passion. I will always make it fit. I draw only using art pens. No pencil and no eraser. There will be no mistakes, only a new direction. Shape by shape. With shapes the possibilities are endless. Drawing captivates my imagination. It comes through me. Designing is pure freedom for my soul


Edelbrand Pure Distilling

Edelbrand Pure Distilling is a family-owned/run, small-batch distillery located an hour west of St. Louis just outside of Marthasville, Missouri. Surrounded by rolling hills and farm-rich land, Schoenweid Farm is home of the DeLean-Weber family. We manage every aspect of the distillery operation and the business, from fruit selection and mash preparation, to applying the label and capstrip on each bottle. Small copper pot stills, single-batch runs, handcrafted from start to finish, limited production – these terms define what Edelbrand does, drawing upon the very traditions of our Swiss-Romanisch heritage and the distilling methods still in use in the mountain villages of Switzerland today. The result is an exceptional spirit that holds a hint of Switzerland in each bottle.


Freddie Lee's Ghetto Sauce

For decades, we’ve been giving our sauces to family, friends, and co-workers and have been provided with great feedback. People have asked us what is the name of the sauce, and at that time we didn’t have a name. One day Fred and I had completed a batch of sauce and we took a much needed break. So we went and sat on the front porch to escape the extreme temperatures of the kitchen. It was a warm summer day and Fred looked at me and said honey, one day GOD is going to bless us to get out of the Ghetto. Praise GOD I said, and then it hit me, Ghetto Sauce would be the name.


Gallagher Brothers Pizza



Gary Yeagle

Author Gary Yeagle was born and raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a Civil war buff and enjoys swimming, spending time at the beach, model railroading, reading, and writing.

His most recent novel, House of Cards, centers on the journey of a five-year-old who dreams of pitching in the major leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals.


Hemme Brothers

We opened up the doors of Hemme Brothers Creamery in 2016 to make handcrafted cheese that’s better from the beginning. Our cheese is rooted in goodness and rooted in family. Because that’s where it starts–with family. We take farmstead a bit further, from crop to cream to curd. From our farm to your table.


Hermann Wurst Haus

The Hermann Wurst Haus is located in historic, downtown Hermann, Missouri. Mike and Lynette Sloan, owners of the Hermann Wurst Haus, opened the doors on September 1, 2011. Combined they have more than 60 years of experience in the meat processing business and produce more than 40 varieties of fresh and smoked sausages and bratwursts.

Today Mike and Lynette are living and breathing their true passion, owning their own business where they are creating award-winning bratwurst and sausages for everyone to enjoy.


Jeanette Hurt

Award-winning author Jeanette Hurt explores culture through the lens of food and drink. Whether she’s delving into the history of gin and tonics, developing healthy yet tasty burger recipes or biking through the back roads of the Loire Valley, Jeanette takes readers on a delicious journey that inspires them to create a good life.


Jeanne Carbon

Jeanne Carbon has spent the last 20 years delving into nature—gardening, hiking, teaching, observing, and helpings others find the benefits of engaging with nature. With a teaching and horticulture background, her greatest joy is spending time with people and plants.


Judgment Tree

Living and working in the town Defiance, Missouri where American legend Daniel Boone held court at the tree they called Judgment Tree, the Judgment Tree is where we drew inspiration. Judge us because we’ve worked and have done everything the hard way to deliver the finest spirits that make an amazing drink! Judge us by our merits, judge us by our spirit, judge us by our determination we think you’ll believe in it.

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Judith Hennessey

Author Judith Hennessey is a full-time writer whose works have appeared in multiple magazines and newspapers, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She is actively involved in the film industry, and is executive producer of 20 Ways, an award-winning short film, and co-writer of the screenplay adaptation of her novel, First Rodeo.

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Martin Brothers Winery

Martin Brothers Winery, with its open spacious rolling hills surrounded by beautiful woods is a place to escape to in the country and enjoy an award winning Mead Wine while enjoying nature at its best.  Bring your picnic basket and enjoy the serenity of the quiet countryside while enjoying one of our unique Meads.  Explore the true experience of a quality Mead in a truly relaxed setting just a short trip from Hermann.


Sharon Loyd

Sharon Loyd has a passion for gardening flowers, plants, trees, and vegetables. She loves to share this joy and knowledge with others–everything from basic gardening, floral arrangements, seasonal crafting, fairy gardens, and more. She loves to spend her days with her dogs, outdoors hiking and biking, and gardening. Basically, she would live outside if the weather would only cooperate.

She has a masters degree in education with 30 years of teaching experience.


SQZ Lemon Wine

Based in Lanark, IL, SQZ is handcrafted in small batches from all natural ingredients (lemons, yeast, sugar, and water) to create its unique flavors.


Sriracha Granada

Sriracha Granada was created out of the desire to eat a full flavor, tasty hot sauce but without the harsh chemicals, preservatives, and coloring additives of commercial products.

Sriracha Granada, with its vibrant green color, is a unique alternative to the ubiquitous red chili sauce that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Our founder began making Sriracha Granada by hand in his home kitchen in 2012. These handcrafted bottles were a huge success in the St. Louis area, selling out instantly at local specialty food stores, restaurants, and direct-delivery! Now, Sunrise Foods is ready to share Sriracha Granada with even more sriracha lovers through large scale manufacturing,  wholesale distribution, and expanded retail sale.


Thompson Farm

At Thompson Farm we strive to bring your family the highest quality soup and dip mixes. Our family crafts the mixes by hand using only the the finest ingredients, savory spices, premium vegetables, and great noodles.  We take the time to do it right, measuring and mixing all of our soups and dips by hand so you know that your family is always receiving the best of our family.

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Trish's Dishes

My mission is to add a little spice to every day life. After all, "Life's better with a little spice!"